Hair Transplant Singapore: The NEW Guide For Men and Women (2019)

Hair transplant Singapore is a popular search term because today, hair loss occurs in about 10% of women and 40% of men – it’s no wonder hair restoration and transplantation for men and women have skyrocketed in demand. Needless to say, many people around the world are facing some sort of struggle with hair loss. It doesn’t only impact their looks, but their state of mind as well. Losing hair affects people on so many different levels and is certainly not easy to cope with.

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Male and female pattern baldness are conditions that can be treated very effectively with a hair transplant. It is the perfect solution and it can help bring back a full head of hair. Hair transplant is the latest development for people who have lost their hair, even at a late stage. The transplant procedure is even suitable for people who want to change their hairlines or acquire a more attractive look. But, what exactly is a hair transplant? Is it safe enough? What are the average cost of hair transplant and what can you expect after the surgery? There are certainly some questions that may be ringing through your mind. So here’s an overview of hair transplant that will help you decide if it is the right and safe procedure for you!

More Facts About Transplantation

Hair transplant is a surgery that uses your hair and moves it in order to fill the areas with little or no hair at all. Doctors in the US have been performing hair transplant surgery since the 1950s. However, transplantation techniques have advanced tremendously in recent years due to technological improvements.

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Hair transplant procedure usually happens in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. It’s a surgery where your surgeon moves parts of hair from side or back of the head to the front or top of your head.

Genetics plays a big role and accounts for the wide variety of baldness in both men and women. Other factors that can increase alopecia (baldness) are stress, diet, illness, certain medications and unhealthy lifestyle.

It is important to say that hair transplant procedures cost and complexity depends on the number of grafts that are transplanted.

Without a doubt, receiving a hair transplant can immensely improve person’s appearance and self-confidence. Suitable candidates for a transplant include:

  • women with thinning hair
  • men with male-pattern alopecia (baldness)
  • people who lost their hair due to a scalp injury or a burn

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A hair transplant isn’t an ideal procedure for:

  • people who lack enough “donor” hair spots from which they could move hair for transplant
  • women who have wide-spread hair loss throughout the entire scalp
  • people whose hair loss occurred because of medication for chemotherapy

Hair Transplantation – What Happens Next?

As mentioned earlier, this is a procedure that occurs in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. The first thing the surgeon does is cleaning your scalp and injecting medicine in order to numb the back of your head in order not to feel any pain. Next, your doctor will choose one out of two methods for the transplant. The doctor can choose between follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplatation (FUT).

In case of FUT procedure, the surgeon will remove 6-inch to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of the head. Next, he will set it aside and sew the scalp closed. As a result, this area gets hidden immediately by the hair around it.

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Then, the medical team surrounding the surgeon separates the strip of removed scalp into very small sections using sharp surgical knife and a magnifying lens. After being implanted, small sections of hair will help getting natural-looking hair growth.

With FUE procedure, medical team will shave the back of your scalp. Immediately after, the surgeon will remove hair follicles one by one. This area will heal as your existing hair will cover it.

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Afterwards, both procedures are very similar. At that point, the surgeon makes tiny holes with a needle in your scalp receiving the hair transplant. Medical team and a surgeon finally place hairs in small holes. Most of the time, surgeon will transplant hundreds or thousands of hair during one procedure.

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Finally, bandages or a gauze will cover your scalp for a couple of days after the graft. Depending on the size of the transplant, the surgery might take about 4 to 8 hours.

The doctor will remove the stitches about 10 days after the procedure. Also, you may require about 3 to 4 sessions in order to achieve the full effect of the surgery. Naturally, several months should pass between sessions in order to allow each transplant to heal.

Cost of a Hair Transplant

Naturally, the cost of a hair transplant largely depends on the amount of hair (number of grafts) you are moving. However, it usually ranges from $4,000 up to $15,000. It’s important to know that most insurance plans don’t cover these sorts of procedures so make sure to inform yourself. Every medical center will have their own pricing table and the cost of a hair transplant will depend on many factors. Here is an example of the price range for hair transplant surgery.

How to lower costs…

The best way to keep costs low, is to get treatment EARLY. This means you wouldn’t need to use up as many follicles, compared to if you were more bald.

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Usually, the cost of hair transplant depend on several factors which include:

The type of surgery you choose…

FUT and FUE procedures have different prices so your surgeon will set the price depending on the type of procedure and number of grafts that are transplanted.

Hair transplant Singapore – Location matters…

This factor hugely impacts the cost of hair transplant – the number of surgeons in the area will definitely impact what the surgeon will charge depending on the competition in your area.

How much hair you are transplanting

There will be a difference in the price depending on how much hair you want to transplant. The number of grafts will set the price.

The expertise of the surgeon

The best surgeons in the field (and in your area) charge more. However, the price doesn’t always correlates with the quality so make sure to do your research before choosing the surgeon.

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Possible Risks of Transplantation

As with any surgery, hair transplant procedures carry some potential risks as well. The most prominent risks are infections and bleeding. There are also chances for scarring and hair growth that is looking unnatural.

In some rare cases, people might get an infection of the hair follicles (folliculitis). There’s also a chance of suddenly losing parts of original hair right on the spots where you got the new hair. This is called shock loss and it’s one of the natural ways the body’s responding to the procedure. However, it’s only temporary in most cases.

Swelling of the scalp and bruising around the eyes can sometimes also occur after the surgery. Moreover, itching and inflammation are possible risks as well. Thankfully, all of these risks of a hair transplant are most commonly minor and clean up on their own within a couple of weeks.


There are so many pieces of information about a period before a hair transplant. But, what should you do after the surgery? Here are some things to consider when it comes to expectations and recovery from the procedure.

Normally, your scalp may be very sore after the surgery. Thus, you might need to take pain medications for a couple of days after the surgery. These include anti-inflammatory medications (to keep the swelling down) and antibiotics (to reduce the risk of infection).

You will also wear bandages over your scalp for a couple of days as well. The good thing is that in most cases people are ready to return to work 3 to 5 days after the procedure.

It is completely normal to experience the transplanted hair fall out in about 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. This only means that new empty spots are there to make way for new hair to grow. However, the vast majority of people will see nearly 60% new hair growth – 6 to 9 months after the surgery!

Finally, your doctor may prescribe propecia or minoxidil (Rogaine) which are hair growth medications. These are great for improving your hair regrowth as well as slowing down future hair loss.

To speed up recovery…

It’s best to listed to the expert advice of the physician after your procedure. Always, follow the advice of the doctor to the letter. It’s going to help you maintain and preserve your transplanted follicles.

Expectations for the Future

Whether you are contemplating a hair transplant procedure or have already gone through one, it’s extremely important for you to have realistic expectations when it comes to the future. Moreover, the importance of joint planning with your surgeon cannot be stressed enough.

In the future, you can expect the transplanted hair follicles to start growing in the postoperative period. Typically within a month, graft follicles enter the last phase of hair growth cycle. After that point, hair regrowth period takes about 4 months. However, hair continues to improve its quality as well as quantity over the additional 2-4 months.

You should expect the growth to stabilize in about 1 year. Some reports and studies have shown that the graft survival rates are over 95% which is exceptional. Interestingly, even 20 months after the procedure newly transplanted hairs can appear for the first time.

Hairs Will Fall…

Note, that your hair will normally fall off, this is not something to be alarmed at, it’s part and parcel of the process. In place of those fallen hairs, you’re going to get a full head of hair.

A Final Word on Hair Transplantations

Nowadays, improved hair transplant techniques and innovative technology are able to produce amazing results and give candidates extremely realistic and natural appearing hair! With two or three hair transplant procedures, you will be able to have a successful outcome.

However, if you have the funds to cover the expenses, always conduct a good research before you make the final decision. It’s always smart to have multiple consultations with few surgeons in your area so you can get the idea of the cost, procedure overview and a recovery plan. It’s also crucial to discuss the expected outcome with your doctor in order to develop realistic expectations.

Lastly, you should always keep in mind that many clinics might offer payment plans in order to help make the procedure and treatment more accessible to more people. All in all, make sure to consider all options and choose the best ones for you.

Keep Things Real…

Not all doctors are as competent as they would like to come across when it comes to hair restoration, this procedure is a fine art as much as it is a science. What helps cut the learning curve down is when doctors have the assistance of an incredible piece of technology…

ARTAS FUE In Singapore

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This transplant system is a robotic surgical hair transplantation for treatment of baldness or androgenetic alopecia (hair loss). This system is made by Restoration Robotics, Inc., an American company and it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2011. It is also approved for use in harvesting follicular units from black and brown-haired men. The ARTAS system is designed to use the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique.

The procedure starts when the hair of the donor is trimmed to make the follicles easier to identify and extract ( The doctor uses local anesthesia and the patient is seated in semi-prone position. The full procedure takes five to seven hours to perform.

In Singapore, there are several clinics where you can have artas hair transplant and it is done by the best doctors in the field. You can contact your doctor about the details of the transplant and ask them any possible questions you have.

ARTAS helps….

This incredibly advanced robot is the best in its class for assisting hair restoration surgeons.

FAQ On Hair Restoration

This is a fairly new procedure and there are many questions about it. Here are the answers to some of them.

  • How much does ARTAS FUE hair transplant cost? – The price of the procedure depends on many things. First of all, it will vary according to the practice that offers this service and the surgeon that performs it. The price also depends on how much hair needs to be transplanted and whether or not PRP or A Cell are used in the procedure. There are many other variables that will affect the price and for the exact information, you should consult with your doctor (Singapore). For exact numbers, the price usually varies between $5000 and $15000, but once again, that all depends on many things.
  • Does the ARTAS Fue Hair Transplant procedure hurt? – This procedure is performed in a clinic or a doctor’s office and it is used a local anesthetic during the procedure. The patient should not feel any pain at all, but same patients feel a slight discomfort and swelling a few days after the procedure.
  • How is the ARTAS Fue Hair Transplant different than “Hair Plugs”? – This procedure is better than the old fashioned hair plugs because, first of all, this procedure gives a natural appearance and the hairs are harvested in their natural groupings. The individual transplantation gives you a great natural looking hairline and a fuller head of hair.
  • When will my new hair start to grow and are the results permanent? – The newly transplanted hairs will be visible after just two months after the procedure and the number of them will increase throughout the period of one year. After approximately six months you will have a noticeable hair improvement and after a year you will enjoy your new hair. Yes, the results are permanent and the transplanted hair will last a lifetime.
  • Will there be scarring after the procedure and should I cut my hair before the treatment? – The scarring after the procedure will be minimal for both the patient and the donor. The hair grows graduate, so after a year your family and friends will notice the change, but only the positive. Tche results of the hair transplant will be neutral and subtle. Yes, you should cut your hair before the transplant so that the tracking and harvesting will be easier for the ARTAS Fue Hair Transplant system.


Even though this procedure is not something you have to do, if you have a problem with baldness or hair loss – and if it seems like the best hair growth products for men and women don’t work anymore – then this should be the choice for you. In just one year you will have a full head of hair and you will never again have to worry about how you look compared to your friends or family. This procedure is fast and painless and will change your life for the better. There are many clinics in Singapore that offer this treatment so all you have to do is contact your doctor and make an appointment.

Number of Grafts Price
1000 to 1500 $8/graft
1501 to 2000 $7.5/graft
2001 to 2500 $7/graft
Above 2500 $6.8/graft


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