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Acne Scar Removal

Having acne marks and scars can cause social strain and in some cases embarrassment and anxiety. If you would like to treat this issues simply speak to our skin care specialist.

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Acne Marks Removal In Singapore

Acne Scar Removal Singapore – This is a search term in Singapore gaining popularity because many people on this sunny island are experiencing embarrassment and social stress bubbling from the presence of acne scars.

This page hopes to answer some of your pressing questions with regards to the removal and treatment of scars caused by acne.

Top 10 Questions Answered

What are the common acne scars that people experience?

There are four types of acne scars that appear on the skin, such as boxcar, ice pick, rolling, and hypertrophic scars.

They have different shapes and how they look on the skin as others go deeper than the rest.

For instance, ice pick scars are more deep-rooted than rolling scars.

Who are the most suitable candidates for acne scar treatments?

Both men and women in Singapore can seek acne scar treatment to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

If you have acne at any age, you can consult a dermatologist who will assess the situation.

The bottom line is to get rid of the scarring to make your skin appear fantastic.

What are the popular types of acne scar treatments?

If you need acne scar treatment, the aesthetic doctor can subject you to various techniques.

They are chemical peels, lasers, IPL, surgery, radiofrequency, grafting, and dermal fillers such as Rejuran S that is a new method of removing the scars.

The option that you will get will depend on the type of scar that you have.

What is Rejuran Healer?

It is a form of acne scar treatment that entails injecting the skin with fillers that have healing properties.

Rejuran Healer originates from South Korea, but dermatologists in Singapore have adopted the practice.

It rejuvenates the skin, making you look more youthful than before.

Different Types of Rejuran Healers and what each of them is supposed to help with…

There are three types of Rejuran Healer that you can utilize as a patient.

Rejuran Hb helps with skin repair and hydration as well. It boosts skin elasticity and tone, making your face smoother and firm.

Rejuran S aids in acne scar treatment since it fills up the dents and heals the skin tissues.

On the other side, Rejuran I revitalizes the skin under your eyes and removes any puffiness.

How much does acne scar treatments cost in Singapore?

The amount that you will pay for acne scar treatment depends on the severity and the type that you have.

The method that the dermatologist will use also comes at a different cost. Typically, the price in Singapore ranges between $1,800 and $3,500 for moderate scars.

As for severe acne scars, you can budget from about $3,500 to$ 7,000.

How long before you see results from acne scar removal treatment?

It depends on the type of acne treatment that you chose since you can see the outcome from Rejuran Healer after 6 to 8 weeks.

During this time, the skin will be actively producing collagen that heals the scars. They will reduce in depth and severity hence, improving your appearance.

On that account, you can expect to see changes after four comprehensive treatments. Patience is the key since you will get permanent results afterward.

What are some reported results from acne scar removal treatments?

Patients have experienced the reduction of the depth of acne scars in their skin.

In addition to that, their faces have become smooth and more moisturized. Therefore, the skin will glow, making you look younger.

The scars will fade away with time, giving you the original clear skin.

The best part is that the treatment closes the pores as well.

Is there any discomfort and pain during the procedure?

The dermatologist will apply a numbing cream to lessen the discomfort.

However, you might feel a slight tingling during the acne scar treatment.

You can tolerate the sensations, and sometimes you might not feel anything as the dermatologist does the procedure.

Therefore, it is a tolerable process that should not make you anxious at all.

How many acne scar removal treatments do you need?

For starters, it will depend on how severe the scars are and the type of acne scar treatment that suits you.

On that account, mild cases will take about 3 to 5 sessions, while severe ones will take roughly 5 to 8 sessions.

Plus, the sessions can have 4 to 6 weeks apart so that you can heal seamlessly.

We hope this webpage which you’ve found while searching for “acne scar removal Singapore” has managed to answer some of your most pressing questions.

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