Breast Augmentation Singapore

Get The Bust Size You Want With Breast Augmentation In 2019

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures in Singapore, it is when a patient wants to increase the size of their bust ( Some patients only want to have bigger breasts, but also there are those who need to undergo this surgery for reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Anyway, the patient needs to know a few things before they decide to go to breast augmentation.

First of all, they need to find the right, trusted a surgeon who will perform the surgery. There are a lot of clinics and accredited plastic surgeons in Singapore that can perform breast augmentation (boob job).

These are some of the best answers you might get, to the frequently asked questions about the breast augmentation surgery:

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  1. Where can I find the best accredited aesthetic surgeons in Singapore? – There are a lot of clinics and hospitals that provide aesthetic surgeries in Singapore, including breast augmentation. You can choose between many professionals that you can find, they are often the best in our Asian region. Performing a search for “best breast augmentation Singapore” would yield some great results. The list of the accredited breast augmentation surgeons in Singapore is very long, but sure you can find the best choice for you.
  2. Are all of the plastic surgeons certified and trusted? – Not at all! That is why the patient needs to be very careful when it comes to choosing an aesthetic surgeon. Make sure that the surgeon you want to choose is a member of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons at least. You can use the Internet to search for the previous successful experiences with the surgeon you like or ask someone you know and who already did a breast augmentation procedure.
  3. Will my first breast augmentation surgery be my last? – The implants don’t last forever and that is why the patient may need another surgery 10-12 years after the first surgery. There are a lot of factors that may lead to another surgery earlier than expected, such as weight loss or pregnancy, when the body is changing a lot.
  4. Do breast implants feel same like the natural tissues? – Silicone implants are very similar to the real breasts, but sure it doesn’t feel the same under the fingers. Also, it depends on where the implants are placed. If the implant is placed below the muscle, it’s harder to detect.
  5. Can I go from B to DD cup at once? – Definitely not. You need to set realistic goals before the breast augmentation procedure. Your skin needs time to adjust to the changes, it’s better to increase only one size during the first surgery and to replace the implants with bigger ones after a few years.
  6. Can I breastfeed after a breast augmentation? – There are cases when the patient can breastfeed after a breast augmentation, but the quality of the milk flow will be decreased because of the areola incision. In general, the patients who had breast augmentation in Singapore choose not to breastfeed.
  7. Can I get breast augmentation in Singapore if I have family history of breast cancer? – The factors such as breast cancer, obesity and smoking may increase the risk for complications during the breast augmentation procedure. Also, if you have some significant medical conditions, you need to consult with a specialist before the surgery.
  8. Should I have the implants placed over or under the muscle? – If you choose a saline implant, it will be placed under the muscle in many cases. If you want silicone implants, choose over the muscle placement. The breast surgeon will suggest which choice is the best for the particular patient.
  9. How long it takes until a fully recover after the breast augmentation surgery? – Most patients are able to return to their everyday activities 7-10 days after the surgery. If you work a desk job, you can return after one week leave, but if your job is more physical it may take longer until you can do your job properly again. Avoid lifting hard things for 2 weeks after the breast augmentation.
  10. Will I have to change my way of living after the breast augmentation surgery? – After the surgery, it’s best that the patient avoids exercising and physical activity for 7-15 days, until the wounds heal. After that, nearly every patient can go back to their usual activities, including sports and exercising.

So, these were the most asked, and best, questions about breast augmentation. The patient should make an appointment with some of the best aesthetic surgeons if they need more advice or recommendations about this procedure. There are a lot of accredited breast surgeons in Singapore who will do their best to suggest the patient, which breast augmentation procedure to choose, depending on the individual case.