Plastic Surgery Singapore: The Ultimate Guide For Locals In 2019

Going under the knife for a plastic surgery procedure is not longer a taboo subject like how it was a few decades ago. Today, people don’t mind discussing which parts of their body has been surgically enhanced, even whilst at the dinner table.

Types Of Plastic Surgery

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. To the point where you can achieve any look you desire for almost any part of your body.


This is a surgery of the nose. In Singapore, most people opt for getting a higher bridge. This surgery can also be used to correct breathing issues which often accompany a crooked nose.
The alternative to permanent surgical procedure is of course rounds of fillers which help in achieving the look you want without the risks of surgery.


Surgical removal of fats has become a very popular method of slimming in today’s modern society caged in by the lack of time. Surgery helps you quickly get down to the size you want. However, if you cannot stomach going under the knife to reduce fats, there are non-surgical fat reduction methods such as liposonix.

Breast Augmentation

Enhancing one’s breast size has been a very popular medical procedure since it began several decades ago. In the world today, augmentation of mammary glands have become so popular, they are the number most requested type of aesthetic procedure.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Getting those widely desired double eyelids has been the goal of many women especially in Asia, they are highly coveted and desired as it gives you a wider and more appealing look.


Fixing the shape of your ears has become easier than ever before. New medical breakthroughs allow you to correct protruding ears in a procedures called otoplasty.

Which Surgeon Should You Pick?

In order to get the look and feel of your new body it is critical to get to work with a surgeon you feel the most comfort with. Someone who is able to give you the results you want. Even better when you’ve got a team of plastic surgeons.