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Figure 1: Regenera Application Areas

Regenera Activa Singapore is quickly becoming a highly searched for term online. If you’re suffering from hair loss, but you just don’t think you’re a right fit for a permanent hair loss treatment like hair transplantation, then this page may be just the right fit for you…

Regenera Activa is a brand new treatment option for those who are suffering from hair loss. It is a non-surgical procedure and helps you combat thinning and receding hair lines without undergoing a long procedure.

Regenera Activa extracts “micro-grafts” present in your scalp using the best in next-generation hair restoration technology. These Micro-Grafts would then be strategically and carefully injected into areas where you are experiencing hair loss.

The purpose of these micro-grafts are to assist you in regenerating hair on your scalp.

What you get at the end, is a much thicker mane of hair. That’s both natural and long-lasting.

Men and women suffering from both male pattern baldness and female hair loss will be able to utilize this new treatment to assist in getting thicker hair in a non-invasive manner.

Because this treatment is autologous, native to your own body, you’ll be able to easily go through this hair loss treatment without a much of a hitch. Much like hair transplant, you’re using your own available tissues to facilitate hair growth.

This treatment is also FDA and CE approved, requiring that you go only for 1 followup session per year to maintain your thicker lock of hair!

Within just 60 minutes, the entire process would be complete. It is as painless and as quick as it can get. With the end result being thick, natural hair.

The whole procedure is broken up into three steps:

The First Step: Extraction or Harvesting of Micro-Grafts

Upon application of local anaesthesia (l.a.) 3 to 5 tiny samples of skin will be extracted from the back of your head. This area is rich in strong health follicles and hairs.

The Second Step: Extract Growth Factors  

The patented device then extracts growth factors from the extracted follicles. These growth factors have incredible ability to regenerate hair.

The Third Step: Injection of Growth Factors 

Upon successfully extracting growth factors, your own autologous growth formula is reintroduced into points on your head to deliver the most optimum effect of thicker hair. It takes a highly trained doctor’s hands to execute this part of the process artfully, such that the results appear natural.

Figure 1: Application Areas

There have been innumerable clinical research and studies pointing to the fact that this hair loss treatment helps in the improvement of density of hair, hair count and coverage of thick natural hair within a month of application of Regenera Activa. 

Before hitting the market, this form of non-invasive hair loss treatment has been through the ringer in terms of testing.

At first, you’ll notice that your excessive hair loss slows down gradually. This period of excitement will then be bolstered by the fact that you’ll now see an overall improved thickness in hair density and growth over the following months.

Amazingly results have been shown to last over a period of 36 months. And when you use this treatment in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, you can expect even better results.

If you’ve discovered this page via a search for “regenera activa Singapore” hopefully it has answered a bunch of your questions. 

If you’re experiencing prolonged or a more severe form of excessive hair loss, you may want to read up on hair transplant.