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Visiting the Singapore Quarry should be on your list of places to see for all who enjoy such things as nature and scenic views, biking, hiking, walking, relaxing, wildlife, wetlands, biology, geography history and preservation and the list could go on. The undeniable tranquility of the Singapore Quarry makes it hard to believe that it was an active granite quarry until the late 1980s.

The Singapore Quarry is located at 100 Dairy Farm Road, Singapore 679057, Singapore and is a part of Bukit Timah Nature Preserve. This former granite quarry which is located at the southwest corner of Dairy Farm Nature Park is well worth the trek over from the Dairy Farm’s main entrance by Car Park B). So, if you plan to take in Dairy Farm Nature Park, make sure you account for extra time to make your way to the Singapore Quarry (and head back), it’s an ending you don’t want to miss.


For a more direct route into the Singapore Quarry without going through Dairy Farm Nature Park and to save some minutes on travel time through the park, you can access it through the entrance by Car Park A (the entrance located by the Fu Yung Estate). Note, however, the entrance at Car Park B has restrooms conveniently located there. The Singapore Quarry is open from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. daily for public access. There is no entry fee, so add this to your things to do on a budget.


Understand that days are easily filled absorbing the picturesque beauty that a stroll through the Singapore Quarry offers, so you may want to make a day of it. Be sure to adequately prepare to make your trip the most enjoyable: Of course, water is a necessity, make sure you have some. The sun may beat down in warmer temperatures, so a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses may be helpful along with a good bug repellent and you’ll want to wear good walking shoes. You may want to pack light for your travels. Those who want to take the opportunity to enjoy a picnic surrounded by these sights will want to be sure not to feed the monkeys – it’s not allowed and all food should be properly put away.

There are directional signs along the trails as well as informational signs with details about the Quarry however having your map of the site available would also be helpful. Travel through paths at the Singapore Quarry lined with overhanging trees viewing the wetland inhabitants as you go. From dragonflies, to unique birds species, lizards and monkeys, to fish and turtles, there’s plenty of wildlife to see. The visitor platform and covered shelter to its side are great ways to view the water filled quarry full of fish. Mountain bikers are sure to enjoy the challenges of the designated mountain biking trail; from uphill climbs to thick foliage to the retreat of the grassland. Take in the view all around, such as the gorgeous cliff walls of Bukit Timah Hill which make beautiful backscapes for your photos.

No worries, the Quarry is not in the middle or nowhere. There are restaurants within a half a mile to less than a mile from the Singapore Quarry. There are hotels within 3.2 to 5 miles. Nearby attractions less than a mile away include: Chesnut Nature Park; Surviving the Japanese Occupation War and Its Legacies (World War II Exhibit); The Former Ford Factory; Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market.

The Singapore Quarry is located in the Western part of Singapore, as opposed to the East, where you can find other attractions and activities to do, such as in East Coast Park.