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If you are looking for someplace new and exotic, while also tropical, Why not jump on a plane and experience the Indian Ocean, specifically East Coast Park Singapore? You have seen the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Try something new from the menu of items you can engage in here. You will see and experience things that can’t be done in the Western Hemisphere.

One such novel adventure is the Singapore night zoo. Yes, you read that right. It is only open at night. You know how when you go to the zoo, and some of your favorite animals are lazy and sleeping. Not so, at night. Lions and other animals are wide awake, frolicking or looking for prey. This one of a kind zoo does not open until 7:00 PM and closes at 12:00 AM, and can only be found at East Coast Park Singapore. you will board a tram that takes you from the Himalayan foothills to the exotic deep jungles of Southeast Asia. This zoo also works hard to prevent the extinction of 41% of its present animals, by captive breeding, which has been successful.

Do you like to hike? The Singapore Quarry, located in East Coast Park Singapore, is just what you need. It was a quarry, but now it has been transformed into a beautiful wildlife sanctuary. It is a nice enjoyable walk, where you will see squirrels, lizards, and yes snakes, so be careful. You will also see birds and fish in the lake. It is nice to break from being a tourist, and just getting back to nature for a while.

If you have not done it yet, a swim with the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins is a must. Head to the Sentosa resort, on east coast park Singapore, where you can participate in one or more of five different adventures with the dolphins. Learn all about the dolphins, get pulled on a boogie board by one, or just stay dry on land and learn too. Another adventure is to get down deep with the dolphins in scuba gear, where they come down to meet you, swimming all around you. Dolphins love people as much as we love them.

Being a “foodie” will be a great adventure here at the East Coast Park Singapore. You will feel adventurous, traveling around to all the favorite haunts for great foods. Singapore is a host to multi-ethnic groups, so you are sure to find many different foods for your palate. From Chilli Crab to Laksa, Chicken rice, Kaya toast, and fried carrot cake, and so much more at many restaurants to choose from. Don’t forget to stop,, watch, and try some of the street food vendors too. You will be amazed at the masters of their arts.

The East Coast Park Singapore also has many other activities to pursue as well. You can go to the beach for swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, or just lounging around, or playing in the sand, building sandcastles.

There are also bicycle rental shops for you to”bike” the rails. You will feel like you are in Venice Beach California, as rollerbladers zip by you too.
But don’t stop there, East Coast Park Singapore is host to many festivals, and events throughout the year. The fun never stops at East Coast Park Singapore. December is beautiful all bedecked with lights for all to enjoy. The Chines New Year at East Coast Park Singapore is also a great time to go. No matter what time of year you travel to East Coast Park Singapore, you will not be disappointed. Make sure to check out the tourism website, then book your trip!

East Coast Park is located in the South Eastern part of Singapore, as opposed to the West, where you can find the Singapore Quarry.