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Visiting the beautiful and serene city of Singapore is something I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun new adventure to add to his or her bucket list. Singapore has beautiful sights to see and a unique culture that is interesting to learn and experience, including some gnarly waves in East Coast Park. The vast and serene views are just one of the many interesting things to see while visiting Singapore. One experience, perhaps the most intriguing one, is trying all of their delicious cuisine. Singapore is known for having excellent, Singapore soul foods that will keep you coming back for more every time you visit! Some of the most prominent Singapore soul foods include, butter chicken, Hainese Pollo and Rice, Bak Chor Mee, Ban Mian and Cendol.

Butter chicken is a very popular and well-rounded dish that is prominent in many different countries’ cuisines. Singapore does it slightly different by adding more yogurt to the recipe and less spice, although the spice is still there! The chicken is roasted to perfection before adding the blend of tandoori spice, butter, peanuts and garlic paste. The Indian version of butter chicken proves to be spicier and thinner while the Singapore recipe will be thicker and creamier. Both sound delicious but the Singapore Soul foods list certainly includes this dish.

As the name states, this recipe, that makes the Singapore soul foods list, is a blend of chicken with rice. With this dish you start by stuffing the chicken with green onions and spices, then you rub it with sesame oil to give it a good flavor. The chicken is then served over coconut rice, with a two side dishes for dipping. The dips are typically a ginger garlic sauce and thickened chili sauce, which are great for adding more flavors to the already flavorful dish that has tons of soulful inspirations.

Bak Chor Mee is another great recipe that makes our list of the most popular Singapore soul foods. This dish includes dried egg noodles, bean sprouts, soy sauce, corn flour and pork, chicken and/or liver. The egg noodles are combined with a delicious flavorful soup that is then topped with the protein of choice, chicken, liver or pork, but usually traditional Singapore cuisine will serve it with all three. The soup consists of water, chicken bones, peppercorns and dried anchovies, which is really, where you get the punch of flavor and salt that you want in the traditional Singapore soul foods.

The next recipe on our list of Singapore Soul Foods is the traditional, yet widely loved Ban Mian. Ban Mian is a combination of flat noodles and pork topping. When making this dish you start with the noodles, as they must be made from scratch. After making the homemade flour noodles you then focus your attention on the soup base. The soup is a combination of water, anchovies, mushrooms, garlic and sugar to add a little sweetness. Finally, you want to season the pork with sesame oil, salt and pepper and then slow cook it until it falls apart and put it on top of the noodle, soup mixture.

Finally, while discussing the best Singapore Soul Foods to try while visiting this gorgeous city you cannot forget the sweets. Cendol is a very popular after dinner dessert that is commonly served to accompany a hearty soul food meal. Cendol is made using fresh coconut milk, green rice flour jelly and palm sugar. the combination of these three ingredients then frozen to perfection is a match made in heaven and is why we add this to being one of the best Singapore soul foods available. So go ahead and treat yourself to the many delicious flavors and Singapore soul foods listed above. You will not leave disappointed or hungry, I can assure you of that.