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We have all watched National Geographic. where the photographer’s risk life and limb to show us these animals. They trek out into the unknown, when it is dangerous, to film them when they are awake. Now you can go to the Singapore night zoo, where you can see these animals in person, during the times that they are awake.
The Singapore night zoo was the brainchild of Dr. Ong Swee Law, who was the executive chairman of the regular Singapore zoo in the 1980s. Part of his idea was to include various food options dotted throughout the Night Safari (which brings us to this article). It was completed and opened on May 26th, 1994. Since opening, it has received many awards for its’ preservation actions. They have successfully been breeding captive animals to help save them from extinction. 41% of the 900 animals in the park are of a threatened species.
Some examples include the Malayan tigers, and Tapirs, Asian elephants, and lions, as well as Anoas, markhors, bantengs, clouded leopards, and more. This exciting place includes a forty-minute tram ride through all of their natural habitats that are simulated Himilayan foothills, and deep Asian jungles.
No more being disappointed because your favorite animals to see, are just sleeping and being somewhat boring. You can now see them actively on the prowl, looking for a feast, or running around playing with each other. The Singapore night zoo is the only place you can do this.
Some quick tips to note. As, the Singapore night zoo, is the only one of its kind, you can expect it to be a crowded place. So if you do not like crowds, maybe this is not for you, however, it is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not go? If you have older children, or none, opt for a later tram tour. Anything after the 7:15 Pm tours is optimal and much less crowded.
The Singapore night zoo, along with the day zoo is open seven days a week, every day of the year. Purchase multi-park tickets so that you can see both. You must see the Pyro warriors do their spectacular flame-throwing feats to the beat of drums nearby. You will be amazed at their skils.
Another great option, the Singapore night zoo provides, is a unique dining experience. A minimum booking of 25 is required for this great treat. After your tram ride, you are taken to a secret lakeside location, where you will be served a delicious four-course meal, including wine.
There will also be some nocturnal critters all around you, to see, such as night owls.
After dinner, you will want to see see the specialty Singapore night zoo, “Creatures of the Night” show. This is also very popular, so arrive early to get a good seat. Once started, no one is allowed in, until the next show. The kids are allowed to be part of the show, and will love seeing otters, hyenas, and more doing their own special skills, right in front of them.
During the weekends, the Singapore night zoo, also offers the “keepers chit chat”.
This is where zookeepers share unique and odd traits that some of the animals have. They will take you and show you them doing these unique traits. There are some trails that you can take to see certain animals, as well as riding the tram, but not all of them.
The Singapore night zoo is just that. It is mostly dark on the tram, until reaching animal habitats, so be prepared for younger children. The Singapore night zoo, also does not allow flash photography, so leave them home. Make the most of your next vacation, and go see this place.