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Liposuction Singapore (or just Lipo) is a cosmetic surgical plastic surgery procedure when the fat is removed from the human body, trying to change its physical shape. 

This surgery is relatively safe, but it depends on the amount of the removed tissue, anesthesia and patient’s overall health condition (

People from Singapore have various choices of the best cosmetic surgeons to perform liposuction. There are maybe over 11 liposuction clinics in Singapore. They can book their appointment online or simply visit some of the best doctors in this field for detailed guidance.

These are the most common questions that patients from Singapore have for the liposuction (and some of the best answers you’ll find online):

Liposculpture is the artful sculpting of the body shape. After this procedure, the body is smaller and more proportional. Very often, this procedure is done after a liposuction, to “sculpt” the results. Sometimes in Singapore, patients with lower fat percentages undergo Liposculpture, this is best when coupled with proper diet and exercise.
The most frequently treated body areas are the abdomen, hips, outer thighs, knees, arms, butt, and neck. The women frequently need liposuction treatment of the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, cheeks, and neck. In men, the most commonly treated body areas are the chin, abdomen, flanks, and breasts.
The procedure is performed using oral or local anesthesia. Also, the doctors may use an inhalation gas known as pentox. All of these anesthetics will decrease the discomfort and the liposuction will be safer.
It’s different in every specific case. The fat weights less than the muscle. There are great chances that the patient will lose a little weight, but look very slim in the treated areas. So, the answer is that losing the weight doesn’t mean much if the best looking physical result is what the patient wants and needs.
The patient shouldn’t put a great amount of hope in losing weight by liposuction. All surgeons will suggest that it’s far better to lose weight with diet and exercising. After that, they may decide to perform liposuction. Overweight people sometimes look aesthetically different after losing weight and they may need aesthetic corrections that can be done, via skin tightening.
In nearly every case of liposuction, the patient will wear a compression garment over the treated areas for 4-6 weeks. It depends on the amount of fat and skin removed during the liposuction. The garment will also help the body to conform to its new shape. Today’s compression garments are not visible under the clothes.
If the liposuction is done with local anesthesia, the patients can leave the surgical facility 30 minutes after the surgery is completed. When a general anesthesia is used, the patient may need to stay 3-5 hours under medical observation. Very often the patients can return to their jobs after 2-3 days. The discomfort and the pains will decrease in the following 4-8 weeks after the procedure.
Based on the worldwide experiences, liposuction is a safe procedure. There are some rare complications that may occur during the liposuction surgery, such as bleeding, skin damages, infections or nerve injuries.
The new body shape may and may not be permanent. It all depends on the patient’s discipline. Removed fat cells will never “grow” back in the body, but if the patient gains any weight, the body will keep the post-liposuction shape, but it will look bigger.
There are more than 55 Liposuction clinics in Singapore, where the best surgeons in the country will perform the surgery. These are some of the accredited and trusted doctors and clinics.


The cost of the liposuction in Singapore depends on how many body parts are treated. In many cases, the insurance doesn’t cover the aesthetic interventions. The patient needs to look for the best surgeon very carefully, following the general opinion of the other patients, available on the Internet.

Also, they should ask and see every aspect before they decide to undergo liposuction, but if you’re still feeling squeemish after doing all your research, perhaps a non-surgical fat reduction would suit you best.